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Dutch Quality

The Netherlands is internationally renowned for high quality flowers and vegetables. Aquafleur is located in the heart of the Dutch agriculture area, The Westland, where we grow the best quality aquarium plants for our wholesalers and retail customers throughout the world.

Excellent Aquarium Plants

Our goal is to supply you with a full range of top caliber aquarium plants, throughout the year.

High Technology

In a 20.000 m2 modern greenhouse Aquafleur uses the latest horticultural techniques; with more than 100 plant varieties, each requiring individual treatment, a controlled climate is an absolute must. Every day, 300.000 litres of water are circulated throughout the computer-controlled water treatment equipment, whilst atmospheric humidity, degree of acidity, temperature and the required nutritional value are closely monitored. Artificial assimilation lighting guarantees that we can also produce top products throughout the winter months.

Specialist knowledge

The 80 staff members at Aquafleur understand the requirements of their work, whether potting on, making cuttings, generally caring for plants or monitoring the climate. With more than 30 years of experience in the farming of aquarium plants our team can guarantee the finest products.

Why Aquafleur Plants?

– We place a terra cotta ring in the bottom of the pot to make it sink easily
– Stalk plants are potted in 3 holes
– Most of our Echinodorus are grown with 2 cuttings
– Grown with high humidity for brighter colours and thinner leaves
– Labels with name and care information

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