One Stop Supply
to specialised retail stores

weekly customised delivery

The platform of Aquadistri combines all the
products of the Aquatic Wholesale Group and provides weekly customised deliveries to more than 3.000 specialist stores in Europe.

How does it work

Retailers all over Europe receive our stocklist and special offers. They can order exactly as they need and combine plants, fish, frozen fish food, live foods, and pond & aquarium accessories into 1 order.
Orders are then delivered within 24 hours, mostly with our own certified and acclimatised transport, or through a specialised logistic partner.

Aquadistri delivery truck with driver and products

For optimum service Aquadistri has offices in Holland, France, Germany, UK and Hong Kong – a network we hope to expand further in the coming years. Our sales representatives and agents look after Belgium, Austria, Swiss, Denmark and Italy. Through our export department we supply to many more markets!

Our one stop supply ensures
stores lower stock levels
through just-in-time delivery!