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Blue Marine offers a wide product range of accessories. Discover all of our products in the Blue Marine brochure.


The Blue Marine coolers are microcomputer-controlled for accuracy and ease of use and equipped with memory for temperature settings in case of power failure. The quality condenser ensures reliability and is double-insulated for low noise. The chillers have a titanium cooling coil, which prevents corrosion by seawater. The latest technology ensures high efficiency and lower energy consumption. The robust metal frame with integrated plastic provides protection against splashing water.

Algae Reactor

In the Blue Marine algae reactor, you grow algae to reduce excess nutrients in the aquarium, such as nitrates and phosphates, preventing algae growth. The algae reactor is equipped with a high-quality LED grow light with quartz glass to maximise light penetration and efficiency. For your safety, this light is fully waterproof (IP68). The opaque internal tube prevents stray light to prevent algae growth in unwanted places in your sump.

Dosing Pump

Blue Marine Dosing pump is a 4-channel dosing pump with a touch screen for easy programming. You can set up automatic dosing to 24 times per day. The dosing volume per channel is 1 to 9999 ml per day and the dosing interval is 0-30 days. The high-quality pump is silent and long-lasting.

Automatic Top Off System

The Blue Marine A.T.O. is an automatic top-up system for aquarium or Sump, complete with accurate infrared system. The Blue Marine ATO is a highly professional automatic top-up system that is easy to install, reliable and affordable. The small sensor is placed in the aquarium or sump. If the water in the aquarium falls below the minimum level, the sensor automatically switches on the small pump, which will refill the aquarium with water from a reservoir.

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