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Deco LED & Bubble Deco.

Give your aquarium
a real colourful addition.

Deco LEDs are beautiful ornaments that are hand-painted and produced in an environmentally friendly way. The ornaments are naturally safe for fish and plants. Below the ornaments is a recess where a Deco LED multi-colour or a Deco LED Bubble Kit can be placed.

Go crazy with
7 different colours.

Deco LED
provides oxygen.

Our Deco LED’s.

Deco LED Multi-Color

This underwater LED spotlight creates atmosphere with its colourful lighting. The spotlight fits exactly at the bottom of the Deco LED ornaments and with 7 colours (red, green, blue, yellow, purple, light blue and white) and 9 light effects, there is always a good choice.

Deco LED Bubble Kit

This air stone with air hose completes it all by providing the aquarium with air bubbles and therefore oxygen.

Deco LED ornaments

SuperFish offers different Deco LED ornaments, a complete overview can be found in our catalogue.

Bubble Deco

Decorative Bubble decoration for the aquarium, you connect this decoration to an air pump (not included), the bubbles are decorative and also enrich the oxygen level in the aquarium. Recommended air pump SuperFish airflow mini or airflow 1.

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