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Professional products for fishkeeping

Colombo produces professional products for the maintenance of your aquarium and pond. Our products are developed with over 30 years of experience and continuous improvements supported by solid research and product development. In the Colombo research centre we don’t take things for granted. Every product is tested intensively before we market it; this way we can guarantee optimal results.

Research and development

We are always trying to find innovative solutions, where possible on a natural basis. The development and production of medication to successfully cure sick fish is our expertise from the start. No other brand offers comparable results. And if we would ask you, if you get sick yourself, wouldn’t you prefer to get the best possible medications available to get healthy as quick as possible?

That’s why our products are used and recommended by specialist, veterinarians and fish farms.

Our Products
We have developed 4 specialised product ranges;
  • Colombo Pond
  • Colombo Aquarium
  • Colombo Plant
  • Colombo Marine

In each range we centralise the fish hobbyist consumer, we ensure products complement each other and provide information through manuals and point of sale materials to achieve maximum results.

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