WATER PROOF END CAP Traditional T5 armature Traditional T8 armature Retro LED with T5 End cap Retro LED with T8 End cap Simply replace your existing fluorescent lighting by this energy-efficient LED lighting! The SuperFish Retro LED lighting fits seamlessly into T8 or T5 aquarium armatures and they can also be used as additional lighting or above home built aquariums. As well as having a longer life span than traditional fluorescent lamps the LED’s use up to 50% less energy. RETRO LED AQUARIUM LIGHTING • Complete kit including ballast and waterproof end caps. • Safe with low voltage. • Available in 4 colours, Bright (daylight), Colour, Combi and Multi. • Save up to 50% on your electricity costs. • Long life span, 30,000 burning hours. • Plug and play, seamless upgrade. • Fits T8 and T5 hoods seamlessly without any modification of the aquarium . • Also suitable as J-Line T5 replacement. Advantages of Retro LED lighting