www.aquadistri.com Retro LED Controller Retro LED Sunrise Start and Automatic Time Controller in one. Can be set to switch lights on and off at specific times. The controller simulates natural sunrise by intensifying the light level to the full brightness in 30 seconds. Designed for Retro LED BRIGHT, COLOR and COMBI. Not suitable for Retro LED MULTI. SF RETRO LED CONTROLLER [Art. A4020600] OTL Retro LED Overtank Luminaire Matt black slimline design luminaires for open aquariums. Specially developed for Retro LED lighting with space for three Retro LED T8 lamps (lamps not included). The lamps are easy to snap into the lightweight aluminium luminaire. The luminaire can be installed on to the aquarium or the luminaire can be suspended above the aquarium with a set of cables. Available in four sizes, suitable for open aquariums: OTL 60 (50-62 cm), OTL 80 (70-82 cm), OTL 100 (95-107 cm) and OTL 120 (110-122 cm). SF RETRO LED OTL 60 (for T8-18 W) [Art. A4020650] SF RETRO LED OTL 80 (for T8-25 W) [Art. A4020655] SF RETRO LED OTL 100 (for T8-38 W) [Art. A4020665] SF RETRO LED OTL 120 (for T8-36 W) [Art. A4020670] Retro LED T8 and T5 End caps T8 and T5 Waterproof end caps for Retro LED lighting. SF RETRO LED END CAPS T8 2 pcs [Art. A4020615] SF RETRO LED END CAPS T5 2 pcs [Art. A4020617] Retro LED Hanging clips Hanging clips suitable for Retro LED T8 and T5 lighting. SF RETRO LED HANGING CLIPS 2 pcs. [Art. A4020620] Retro LED accessories