Silent power from Japan


Very durable and efficient pond air pumps, developed and manufactured in Japan. These compact air pumps are energy efficient, quiet and produce little internal heat, which extends the durability of the synthetic rubber (EPDM) membranes.

6 reasons for choosing a FujiMAC air pump

Made in Japan
Pond air pumps, fully developed, produced and tested in the land of Koi.

Highest air output per Watt
FujiMAC air pumps are up to 2 times more efficient than air pumps from competitors.

Low noise
The noise level is between 32 dB for the smallest and 50 dB for the largest model.

The low internal heat generation ensures a longer service life of the synthetic (EPDM) membrane.

Solid design
The die-cast aluminum housing has a durable powder coating.

3 year warranty
Reliable and easy to maintain.

Video Thumbnail of FujiMAC maintenance replacement diaphragm

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