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Japanese Koi

Ornafish is based in Niigata, Japan, the birth place of koi and, until today, the area where the finest quality koi are farmed.

We are in Japan for You

To be on top of stocks and communication with the koi breeders we have a permanent base in Ojiya, the centre of the Japanese koi industry. Our team in Japan is there for you, to support you with the most outstanding koi and service!

Why Ornafish ?

Ornafish started in Japan in 1997 because we were not satisfied with the supplies of koi. So we went out to Japan and set up our own company and made big improvements in quality, quarantine and logistics of Japanese koi.

Our export system, packing system and health strategies are now followed by most koi exporters, however we were the first to implement this system and continue to be the leader in koi health and export management.

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Join us in Japan to hand pick
the best quality koi!

Ornafish news

Very good day at Ikarashi Ozumi. 280 selected Nisai for our customers 👍

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Catch of the day: 2 nisai ponds at Yagenji Koi Farm - Yamakoshi and 1 pond at Shinoda Koi Farm!

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Yagenji Koi Farm
WYSIWYG 40-45 cm mix

This box and many more What You See Is What You

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Breeders are ready for shipment. Tonight will be a very big one !!!

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Yonsai Selected GR Kohaku, Yamabuki & Sansai Hariwake
Available on our website https://www.o

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Sansai Selected Goshiki, Doitsu Kohaku
Available on our website https://www.ornafish.com/st

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Nisai Special Mix
Available on our website https://www.ornafish.com/stock/nisai-mix-sp-346/

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Nisai Selected Mix
Available on our website https://www.ornafish.com/stock/nisai-selected-m

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Nisai Selected Goshiki
Available on our website https://www.ornafish.com/stock/nisai-goshiki

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