more than 130 years of experience
in fish farming & care

hikari visvoer

Hikari fish feed is developed and produced in Japan, the birthplace of fish farming.

Only the best ingredients and manufacturing processes are good enough for Hikari. There are numerous brands that use the image of Japanese food, but only Hikari manufactures in its own factories in Japan and packaged these feeds directly under strict hygiene measures.


The health, beauty and splendor of your fish is closely related to the quality of the fish food you give your fish. Do you wish the best for your fish, feed them with Hikari!

100% quality

Hikari Friends news

Congratulations to the winner of the All Japan Koi Show 2019 raised on Saki-Hikari! 🏆
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Only the best food for this beautiful Ciclids! 🐠
‑ Hikari Sinking Cichlid Gold

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Today we will announce the 10 winners of the Hikari Calendars! Many thanks to all who have part

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Hikari Discus Bio-Gold! 🐠
✓ Daily colour enhancing food for discus.
✓ Very protein

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A new year = a new Hikari calendar 🎉

The end of this amazing year is soon approaching

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Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy! 🐠

✓ Daily food for all life-giving fish.
✓ Stimul

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Have you seen the new Koi Magazine already? Today we annouce the winners of the Hikari King of

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