Everything you need for a successful
aquarium and pond Hobby!

For over 35 years we are aquatic plants and ornamental fish experts. Using this experience we have developed a comprehensive range of equipment and care products that offer excellent reliability, efficiency, quality and value.

It’s our goal to make your fish hobby successful and keep it affordable!

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TOP brands for your fish hobby

As breeders of fish and plants we know exactly what is needed for a successful aquarium or pond hobby. For over 35 years, we research and develop products for your aquarium and pond.

  • Quality Plants, Always Fresh, Quick Delivery Straight From The Farm!

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  • Aquafarm fish tanks in the greenhouse

    Quality fish, thoroughly quarantined, delivered with special transport and knowledge.

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  • BactoPlus is the brand of choice to maintain your pond in a biological way.

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  • Colombo Syringe going in a bottle

    Colombo products are developed based on 30 years of experience in fish keeping and offer top quality water treatments and fish medications for aquariums and pond.

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  • Technology and accessories for freshwater aquariums, smartly designed to make fishkeeping easy and affordable.

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  • We are in japan for you, our customers! to supply you with the best koi, year in year out!

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  • Image banner of FujiMAC with mountain and lake

    Very durable and efficient pond air pumps, developed and manufactured in Japan.

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