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Koi-and pondfish food

Premium food for
your Koi-and pond fish.

Hikari biedt uitzonderlijke voeding dat zorgt voor een uitstekende groei en sublieme kleuren voor al uw Koi-en vijvervissen. Hikari voer is rijk aan voedzame ingrediënten voor een gezonde groei en ontwikkeling van uw (Koi) vissen.


Easily digestible
Hikari food.

Hikari food ensures that your fish live long and healthy lives. Where their natural beauty and colours come to their full potential. Hikari® fish food is made from the finest ingredients and contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed to maintain and enhance the beauty and health of pond fish.

Hikari® food is rich in stabilised vitamin C, this optimises the fish’s immune system and contributes to their natural defences against infections and diseases. Hikari Staple, Gold and Wheat Germ, in its updated packaging, will keep for as long as 3 years!*