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About us.

This is the start of  your unique
aquarium, pond and terrarium experience.

Aquatic Wholesale Group companies specialise in designing and manufacturing products for aquariums, ponds and reptiles. With over 38 years of experience in growing plants and importing fish, we aim to make your aquarium, pond and reptile hobby successful.

AquaDistri serves as the distribution platform for all Aquatic Wholesale Group products. Our distribution centers in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and England supply over 3000 specialized shops and wholesalers with our products, plants, and fish, both within Europe and worldwide.

Let us tell you
how it works.

Product development.
At AquaCampus, our team engages in ongoing research to ensure the success and affordability of your hobby. Following thorough testing, these products are manufactured, either in the Netherlands at Colombo, on-site at the farm, or with our production partners in Asia. All packaging and promotional materials are crafted by our in-house design and marketing team at AquaCampus.

The best brand for your hobby.
At AquaDistri, we supply more than one brand. Over the past 38 years we have gathered the best products and brands such as Hikari, Colombo, Superfish, Koi Pro, Blue Marine, Repto, ReptoFood, Arcadia and Habistat for your aquarium, pond or terrarium passion under 1 roof.

Aquatic Wholesale Group has the following branches; Aqua Campus BV, AquaDistri BV, AquaDistri France SARL, AquaDistri Logistics GmbH, AquaDistri UK Ltd., Aquafleur Int. BV, Aquafarm Int. BV, Colombo BV, Ornafish Japan Co.,Ltd. Ltd., AquaDistri China MNFG Ltd.


We breed & grow a wide variety of
ornamental-, pond fish & plants.

Ornamental fish.
In the Aquafarm nursery, our team of 20 experienced employees looks after a large assortment of ornamental fish on more than 7,000 m2, which we deliver to AquaDistri’s customers after extensive quarantine. In 2,400 aquariums, we keep over 400 species of tropical fish from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South America, Africa, the Czech Republic, Israel and many other countries.

Coldwater fish & Japanese Koi.
In our modern coldwater department, we keep a huge range of pond fish, Koi and veils in more than 400 separately filtered systems. AquaFarm also specialises in Japanese Koi, our sister company Ornafish is based in Niigata, Japan and selects the best Koi there for AquaFarm.

Aquarium plants.
In the Netherlands, AquaFleur grows more than 130 species of the highest quality aquarium plants on 20,000 m2, by using the latest horticultural technology we can deliver year-round. We recently opened our own Vitro Laboratory to develop many new species in the future and further optimise the reliability of our deliveries year-round.

How it all evolved.

Think global
act local.

For optimum service Aquadistri has offices in Holland, France, Germany, UK and Hong Kong – a network we hope to expand further in the coming years. Our sales representatives and agents look after Belgium, Austria, Swiss, Denmark and Italy. Through our export department we supply to many more markets!

As a One Stop supplier, we ensure that shops are constantly well stocked through our Just-In-Time delivery.

A wide range of Aquarium plants.

  • 200 species of vibrant aquarium plants
  • Plants with strong roots and full leaves
  • Modern 20,000 m² greenhouse technology
  • Easy Grow, ideal plants for Aquascaping
  • Easy Grow: 100% sterile cultivated in our modern VITRO lab.

Quality fish and reptile products.

  • Top products for aquaria, ponds and terraria
  • Extensive range of accessories.
  • Simple, affordable and high-quality
  • Products with focus on sustainability
  • Everything you need for healthy fish and reptiles

Large assortment of fish species.

  • Wide range of tropical and cold-water fish, and Koi
  • High-quality fish food
  • Products for easy fish care
  • Medication against a wide range of fish diseases
  • Professional products for Koi ponds

AWG works through
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

AquaDistri is aware of its social responsibility. We treat people, nature, animals, plants and our planet responsibly. That is why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an important role in our corporate vision. AquaDistri regularly acts as a sponsor of charities in which the welfare of people, children and animals plays the main role.

We try to support several charities every year, such as the Food Bank and Children in Need. With our projects, we try to make a difference. Our thanks go to our team and all our customers who made this project possible!