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Premium Koi food

Revolutionary nutrition
by Hikari-Germ.

The secret of Saki-Hikari® is Hikari Germ™. These live bacteria (lactobacillus) are added to Saki-Hikari and ensure optimal intestinal function. The result is exceptionally good digestion, rapid and consistent growth, reduced water pollution and dirt build-up. The Hikari Germ bacteria are also known as Probiotics.


Revolutionary food for professional
Koi breeders & enthusiastic Koi hobbyists.

Saki-Hikari® was initially developed especially for professional Japanese breeders. Certain problems always arise during Koi breeding: such as poor water quality due to accumulated organic waste and poor filtration, the rapid spread of diseases, unbalanced growth and fat accumulation.

These problems are mainly caused by nutrition. Saki-Hikari® eliminates these and ensures outstanding results. Saki-Hikari® food is the result of years of scientific research, development and close cooperation with leading Japanese Koi breeders.