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Saki-Hikari® Champion food.

Premium food for
champions of Koi shows.

Ideal food for real show fish, use it 2 months before entering the Koi show. Saki-Hikari® Deep Red™ Enhances the depth & volume of the Hiban and Saki-Hikari® Pure White™ For a snow-white Shiroji finish.

Premium food &
extremely colour-enhancing.

Scientifically developed
for perfect Shiroij.

Saki-Hikari® Show food.

Extreme colour-enhancing supplementary Koi food for champions of Koi shows.

Saki-Hikari® Deep Red™

Saki-Hikari® Deep Red provides a unique deep red pattern colouration (Hiban). Deep Red has an extreme colour enhancing effect and it is intended as a supplementary feed for maximum colour enhancement. Contains a precise amount of selected pure cultured spirulina to develop deeper colours faster, while reducing the risk of white discolouration.

Available in:

  • Medium 5 kg

Water­temp.+ 20°C

Saki-Hikari® Pure White™

Saki-Hikari® Pure White ensures snow-white skin. Pure White contains an extract of Japanese apricot, this contains natural Apricot-Polyphenol and citric acid which ensures efficient metabolism, important for the development of Shiroji. Pure White also contains the antioxidants of ground sesame seeds, this provides a beautiful silky sheen.

Available in:

  • Medium 5 kg

Water­temp.+ 5°C

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