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Filter media.

Made to support
optimal filter performance.

Top-quality filter media for optimal filter performance and a clear Koi or fish pond.

Durable & made
of quality material.

Suitable for various
types of pond filters.

Koi Pro filter media.

Koi Pro offers a wide variety of filter media for optimal filter performance.

Bacteria House

Koi Pro Bacteria House Media is highly porous, with a water absorption ratio of 80%! The microscopic pores ensure the rapid growth of bacteria that break down harmful substances such as nitrite and ammonia. The filter media is very suitable for “bakki shower” trickly filters, but also for other filters.

AqWise Floating Bed Media

Aqwise filter media improves the performance of a moving bed filter by as much as 30% compared to other moving bed media. Aqwise Filter media has been scientifically developed by the eponymous Aqwise, a leading company in the field of water purification.

Filter Mats

Koi Pro Filter Mats are made from natural, eco-friendly raw materials. It is shape-retaining, even when making large packages, stacking. Our filter mats are easy to cut to size with a hot knife or strong scissors.

Japanese Mat

Japanese mats are the best media for Koi filters. Their open structure prevents clogging, and they have an enormous bacteria adhesion surface. Japanese mats are easy to clean and indestructible.

Filter Brush

Brushes are the ideal pre-filter media for large filters. Long-lasting and easy to clean, Koi Pro filter brushes are of top quality. You can recognise them by the hanger loop and the green/black colour.