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Bacteria for clear water
in a natural way.

All BactoPlus products work on a biological basis. The BactoPlus products contain selected bacteria strains for a quick start of the filter, effective removal of sludge, and optimal biology in (koi)ponds.

For superior
water quality.

Prevent fish diseases &
support the immune system.

Our BactoPlus Bacteria Products.

BactoPlus offers a wide variety of products for starting and maintaining the bacteria in your pond.
A healthy, clear pond starts with BactoPlus.

Filter Start

BactoPlus Filter Start has been tested as the best and contains over 800 million bacteria per millilitre of product! The bacteria in BactoPlus have been selected using DNA technology for their useful function in the pond filter. Use BactoPlus Filter starter at start-up, after maintenance and in case of water quality problems.

Filter Start Gel

BactoPlus Filter Start Gel is the same BactoPlus Filter Starter but in GEL form. The advantage of the BactoPlus Gel is that you can smear these beneficial bacteria on your filter media and walls which improves effectiveness.
This way, you get the bacteria to where they are needed.

Activator Gel

To activate bacteria life in your pond we have BactoPlus activator. The product contains natural minerals, trace elements and specially selected nutrients and bacteria. Activator is an ideal maintenance product, because of the improved performance of bacteria the water quality will be improved and algae growth will be reduced.

Lacto Health

Lacto Health is a probiotic consisting of selected lactic acid bacteria and enzymes. This product supports fish health naturally. Practice has shown that regular addition to pond water has demonstrably positive effects on fish health. Small wounds and inflammations recover within a few days and pathogens are removed naturally.

BSO-Sludge Buster

The heterotrophic bacteria in BSO naturally break down organic material, e.g. silt at the bottom of the pond, in the filter, and the dust layer that forms on underwater plants. Research has shown that heterotrophic bacteria play an important role in maintaining the biofilm in your filter, so BSO does a useful job there too.

Fresh PSB

Fresh PSB is produced fresh in the Netherlands and consists of living Photo Synthetic Bacteria. These PSB Bacteria are able to digest large amounts of organic material and thus directly improve the water quality of the pond, ensuring healthy water and a better environment for your Koi and pond fish.

Fresh PSB Food Spray

Fresh PSB is produced fresh in the Netherlands and consists of live Photo Synthetic Bacteria. The PSB produces carotene and astaxanthin. These are natural colour enhancers and a rich source of pro-vitamin A as well as a powerful antioxidant. Add PSB food spray to the fish food daily to enhance the colour, growth and health of your fish.

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