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Marine fish.

For all kinds of
large and small marine fish.

Marine fish often have beautiful colours, in the wild they develop these bright colours under the influence of UV radiation in sunlight. As this high dose of UV light is not present in the aquarium, we will have to give the fish a helping hand to develop beautiful colours.

Promotes health,
growth and colour development

Food developed for
optimal UV addition.

Food for marine fish & corals.

Hikari offers high-quality food that ensures excellent growth and sublime colours for all your marine fish.

Hikari Marine S™

Hikari Marine S has been developed for smaller omnivorous and carnivorous marine fish. The feed has a particularly high protein content, exactly what reef fish need, and the addition of chitosan makes it easily digestible. Daily food for smaller marine fish, the slow-sinking spongy pellet is easily eaten.

Available in: 50 gram, 1 kg.

Hikari Marine A™

Hikari Marine A has been specially developed for the larger species of marine fish. The spongy texture of the pellet resembles the food fish eat in the wild. The food contains seaweed, pure cultured spirulina and essential Omega 3 fatty acids, making it suitable for herbivorous and omnivorous species. Before feeding Hikari Marine to your fish, soak the pellets in tap water for a few minutes. The fresh water helps digestion, leaving more energy for colour enhancement.

Available in: 110 gram, 1 kg

Hikari Seaweed Extreme™

Hikari Seaweed Extreme is the a unique nori wafer for herbivorous fish and contains as much as 67% nori seaweed. No need to hang nori leaves in the aquarium from now on, polluting the water! Contains as much as 67% Nori seaweed, also perfect as a complementary green food for omnivores such as anemone fish, reef bass and butterfly fish. 

Available in:

  • Small 100 gram
  • Medium 90 – 250 gram

Hikari Coralific Delite™

A revolutionary feed for corals and sea anemones, replacing zooplankton. Contains all necessary nutrients such as trace elements, proteins, vitamins and astaxanthin, which lower animals need for healthy growth and vibrant colouration. This unique feed can be used in 2 ways:

  • 1. Gel feed for corals and sea anemones; mix 2 parts aquarium water with 1 part Coralific Delite™ , let the mixture rest for 3 minutes, feed with a pipette directly into the mouths of invertebrates.
  • 2. Squeeze & ready feeding; mix 4 parts aquarium water with 1 part Coralific Delite™ , spray the mixture with a pipette near the coral to be fed while slowly moving the pipette back and forth.

Available in: 35 gram

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