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CO₂ Systems

Indispensable for
healthy plant growth.

Plants need CO₂ for their growth. During the day, when there is light, plants absorb CO₂ and produce oxygen. During the night this process reverses, CO₂ is released and oxygen is absorbed.

Due to the fact that aquarium plants grow underwater, they need to absorb CO₂ from the water. In normal conditions, aquarium water does not contain sufficient amounts of CO₂ for healthy growth. With a CO₂ system, CO₂ gas is added to the water. The plants can absorb the CO₂ from the water.


What do plants require
for optimal growth?

For optimal plant growth, 3 factors must be in balance: light, nutrition and CO₂. The factor which is least available in the trinity will restrict plant growth and thus create scope for algae growth.