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CO₂ Sets.

Fantastic plant growth
with expandable sets.

Our Colombo CO₂ Sets are the complete package for adding CO₂ to your aquarium. View our CO₂ accessories to optimize your plant growth experience.

From basic, to a
professional system.

Produce fine bubbles for
good absorbtion through water.

Our CO₂ Sets.

Complete set range of solutions for adding sufficient CO₂ to the water.

CO₂ Advance Set

Complete CO₂ set for aquariums up to 100 litres. The pressure regulator controls the amount of CO₂ flowing into the diffuser. Inside the diffuser, the built-in bubble counter allows you to see how many CO₂ bubbles are released in a given time. The diffuser produces very fine bubbles so that the CO₂ gas is well absorbed by the water. With the adaptor available as an accessory, you can upgrade this set and use a large 800 or 1200-gr CO2 cylinder.

The CO₂ advance set consists of:

  • 95 grams CO₂ pressure cylinder
  • Pressure regulator
  • 3-in-1 diffuser + connections.

800 gram CO₂ Profi Set

The CO₂ Profi Set is a professional CO₂ system for aquaria from 50 to 400 litres capacity. You can expand the CO₂ Profi Set with a solenoid valve, which is available as an accessory. The iron pressure cylinder is for single use, the cylinder is fully recyclable and thus good for the environment.

The CO₂ Basic set consists of:

  • 800-gram CO₂ pressure cylinder
  • Pressure regulator
  • 3-in-1 diffuser + connections
  • M10 schrader valve

CO₂ Basic Set

The CO₂ Basic Set provides an easy way to add CO₂ to small aquariums. Fill the diffuser with CO2 and contact with the water absorbs the CO₂ gas. Handy CO₂ basic set for small aquariums, ready to use in minutes. Check the CO₂ content of the aquarium water with the CO₂ indicator. Order refill bottles so you can continue dosing CO₂ inexpensively when the first bottle is empty.


  • 12 grams of CO₂

CO₂ Reactor

The Colombo CO₂ reactor is a complete set to easily make CO₂ yourself using two components. Instead of exchanging pressure bottles, the empty bottle with the 2-components can simply be refilled with pure CO₂ gas.

Create your own upgraded Advance set!

Experience versatility with our professional concept setup!
This provides a variety of extension possibilities to adapt to different stages of your aquarium hobby!

Begin with our Colombo CO₂ Advance kit

Start with the CO₂ Advance kit, equipped with a 95-gram cylinder, Pressure regulator
and 3-in-1 diffuser, which is ideal for aquariums up to 100 liters.

Enhance efficiency with a CO₂ Indicator

Enhance the the CO₂ Advance kit with various options. One such option is employing a CO₂ indicator, providing real-time monitoring of CO₂ levels in your aquarium. This ensures optimal CO₂ levels, preventing overuse and optimizing the kit’s efficiency.

Stop CO₂ wastage with a Solenoid Valve

Another recommended accessory is a Solenoid, a magnetic valve that opens and closes in combination with a standard timer. This allows you to halt the CO₂ flow at night when plants don’t require it, effectively doubling the lifespan of your CO₂ cylinder.

Upgrade with adapter ring to larger CO₂ cylinders

Our exclusive adapter ring lets you use 800g or 1200g cylinders, extending usage time and enabling application on tanks up to 400 liters. Switching to these larger cylinders reduces change frequency, potentially saving up to 70%. Attach the ring to the regulator and screw it onto a large cylinder for enhanced efficiency.

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