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Our top-quality fish includes
tropical and coldwater fish, fantails, and Koi.

The Netherlands is renowned worldwide for producing the best quality agricultural products, with this spirit to quality and excellence AquaFarm International is located in Maasland, the Netherlands. Here, we lead the charge in elevating fishkeeping, operating a cutting-edge facility spanning 6,500m² square meters. Our unwavering focus revolves around top-tier care and the delivery of an exquisite array of premium fish species.

Complete assortment
from guppy to Japanese Koi


Imported from
all over the world

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We breed & grow a wide variety of
ornamental, coldwater fish & Koi

Ornamental fish.
In the AquaFarm nursery, our team of 20 experienced employees looks after a large assortment of ornamental fish on more than 7,000 m2, which we deliver to Aquadistri’s customers after extensive quarantine. In 2,600 aquariums, we keep over 400 species of tropical fish from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South America, Africa, the Czech Republic, Israel and many other countries.

Coldwater fish & Japanese Koi.
In our modern Coldwater section, we house a diverse collection of fish, including fantails and Koi, in over 400 individually filtered systems. Our expertise extends to Japanese Koi, as our sister company, OrnaFish, located in Niigata, Japan, carefully selects the finest Koi for AquaFarm and our customers. Explore our rich variety of Japan Koi, featuring stunning colors, patterns, and sizes, such as the elegant Kohaku with vibrant red and white markings or the captivating Showa with enchanting black patterns.