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We supply a variety of quality
Koi, tropical & pond fish.

The Netherlands is renowned worldwide for producing the best quality agricultural products. With this spirit Aquafarm International is located in the green heart of Holland, in 6,500 m2 of modern greenhouses. We keep more than 400 tropical fish species in 2,400 aquariums. these fish are imported from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South America, Africa, Czech Republic, Israel and many other locations.

Complete assortment
from guppy to Japanese Koi


Imported from
all over the world

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We are a proud member of
Ornamental Fish International


OFI members promote and support captive breeding, farming and collection of ornamental aquatic animals and aquatic plants with respect for natural populations, the environment and the contribution made to socio-economic benefits for the local population;

  • OFI members only trade in fish, corals, other invertebrates, plants, etc. that are legal in their country; they respect national and international laws and regulations;
  • OFI members prevent the release of specimens into the wild, except for specific nature conservation projects;
  • OFI promotes trade and handling of ornamental aquatic animals with respect for their wellbeing;
  • OFI members pack and transport aquatic animals in accordance with national and international legislation;
  • OFI promotes the addressing of biosecurity risks in our facilities and the training of staff in biosecurity practices after long distance transport, or when needed, importers will see to it that fish receive adequate quarantine;
  • OFI members undertake to make every effort to maintain the health of aquatic ornamental animals. They provide proper water quality, implement adequate treatment and feeding protocols and organize regular health inspections.