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Through the leaves
nutrients can be absorbed.

Just like plants in the garden, aquarium plants need fertilizer. Besides nutrients which are absorbed through the roots, aquarium plants also absorb nutrients from the water through the leaves.

Complete formula
for vibrant leafs.

FloraGrow provides
essential nutrients.

Our fertilizers.

With these fertilizers you will provide the nutrients needed to the water!
Our products will make sure your aquarium plants will flourish.


FloraGrow is a liquid plant food for normally planted aquariums. It supplies the water with the nutrients that plants absorb from the water through their leaves. It contains all necessary nutrients and a special iron additive that can be absorbed directly by the plant. Dose FloraGrow once a week.

FloraGrow Pro

Liquid foliar feed for heavily planted ” scapers” aquariums with relatively few fish. FloraGrow Pro is special liquid plant food for heavily planted aquaria, Flora Grow Pro was developed together with aquarium plant nursery Aquafleur and contains all important nutrients in a balanced composition plus nitrates and phosphates for brilliant plant growth.

FloraGrow Carbo

FloraGrow Carbo contains a substance that serves as a replacement for CO2. In aquaria without a CO2 system, the use of FloraGrow Carbo is indispensable. By adding FloraGrow Carbo, plants can absorb the alternative carbon source without having to administer CO2.


FE tablets deliver iron to the roots, iron is the most important trace element for aquarium plants. Many plants absorb iron only through the roots, pressing the FE tablets into the soil enriches the nutrient medium with high-quality iron, for healthy and brilliant plant growth.

Nutri Caps

Nutri Caps allow you to introduce nutrition into the aquarium bed, directly at the roots where the plants need it. Plants take up nutrition via the leaves, but also via the soil, which is why sufficient nutrition in the soil is important, especially for plants with many roots such as Echinodorus etc.! Even if you start with a good nutrient medium, after a while the medium becomes poor in nutrients, Nutricaps offer the solution. The Nutri Caps work with Osmocote which ensures a long-term regular release of nutrients for optimal plant growth.