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Support Centre.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

You can find detailed information about our products from a variety of sources: manuals, brochures, videos and this website to name a few. We recommend always reading the manual before usage of the product. There you will find the most detailed information regarding the product. You can find all our manuals at

The retailer where you bought your products can help you the most with your products. They can offer you the best support, order spare parts and complete a service form if necessary.

You can find our outlets and dealers on the “Store Locator” page, depending on the product you are looking for and your location.

Following our brands on social media is the best way to stay up to date with what is happening within Aquatic Wholesale Group. You can be the first to know our latest products, read stories about our team and be in a community for aquarium and pond hobbyists.

Are you a retailer and interested in selling products from the Aquatic Wholesale Group? Then feel free to send us a message via our contact form: . We will contact you shortly afterwards.

Aquadistri is the distribution platform for all Aquatic Wholesale Group products. From our distribution centres in the Netherlands, France, Germany & England, we deliver our products, plants and fish to around 3,500 specialist shops & wholesalers throughout Europe and far beyond.

Aquatic Wholesale Group has the following branches;

  • Aqua Campus BV
  • Aquadistri BV
  • Aquadistri France SARL
  • Aquadistri Logistics Gmbh
  • Aquadistri UK Ltd.
  • Aquafleur Int. BV
  • Aquafarm Int. BV
  • Colombo BV
  • Ornafish Japan Co.Ltd.
  • ReptoFood BV
  • Aquadistri China MNFG Ltd.