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Part of AWG, delivering top quality
aquarium plants.

The Netherlands is worldwide renowned for best quality flowers and vegetables. Aquafleur is located in the heart of the Dutch agriculture area, The Westland, where we grow the best quality aquarium plants for our wholesalers and retail customers throughout the world.

Developed in our
20,000 m² greenhouse.


Dutch grown, healthy plants
delivered from Aquafleur.

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Lush & beautiful plants,
your customers will see the difference.

With our 20.000 m² modern greenhouse Aquafleur uses the latest techniques to maintain the optimum climate in its greenhouses; with more than 200 plant varieties, each requiring individual treatment and care. A controlled climate is an absolute must. We keep atmospheric humidity, degree of acidity, temperature and the required nutritional value closely monitored. Artificial assimilation lighting guarantees that we can also produce top products throughout the winter months. Beautiful colours, well rooted and lots of leaves. It is our goal to supply our customers with a full range of top-quality aquarium plants, throughout the year, whilst maintaining pleasant cooperation and continuity over the years. You and your customers will see the difference!

Wasteplants disposal

Please be aware of the environment:
Any wasteplants need to be disposed of appropriately. Do not dump aquatic plants in the wild. More info: