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Pond fish care.

Professional medicines
for pond & Koi fish.

Fish can get sick due to many different kinds of circumstances. Often diseases are caused by poor water quality or the new introduction of fish. Also it’s very important to recognise the symptoms of fish diseases at an early stage. Always test the water when fish diseases are a problem.

Effective treatment
for sick fish.

Simple & effective against
a wide range of diseases.

Morenicol treatment products.

With these Colombo Morenicol products you can treat your sick pond and Koi fish.
Our products will make sure your pond will get better and stay healthy.


FMC-50 is effective against fungus and white spot. Mould is visible to the naked eye as white to green cottony tufts. White spot can be recognised by small white dots on the skin that are best compared to salt crystals.

Effective against:

  • White Spot Disease
  • Fungus


Cytofex is effective against external bacterial infections such as Skin Ulcers, Fin Rot and Hole Disease. Cytofex is based on 100% natural ingredients with proven anti-bacterial activity, such as Tea Tree oil, extract of Icelandic moss and of the Pau d’Arco tree.

Effective against:

  • Hole diseases & Fin rot
  • Mouththrush
  • Dropsy

Colombo Alparex

Alparex is effective against invisible parasites that cause a greyish bloom on fish, such as Ichtyobodo, Chilodinella and Trichodina. In addition, White spot and Fungus are effectively treated as well.

Effective against:

  • Invisible parasites
  • White Spot disease
  • Fungus



Lernex® is effective against skin worms, gill worms, and internal worms; the presence of these parasites can only be determined under the microscope. Lernex® also provides effective treatment against leeches, fish lice and anchor worms; these parasites are visible to the naked eye.

Effective against:

  • Skin- and gill worms
  • Piscola and Fish Lice
  • Anchorworms

Lernex® Pro

Lernex® Pro is an optimised version of Morenicol Lernex, developed for the treatment of resistant skin and gill worms in ornamental fish. Lernex® Pro is based on the latest scientific knowledge and contains high-quality anthelmintics against which no resistance has yet built up. Lernex® Pro is therefore highly effective in the treatment of resistant skin and gill flukes. The presence of these parasites can only be determined under a microscope.

Effective against:

  • Resistant worms (flukes)
  • Skin Worm
  • Gill Worm

Fish Protect

The special ingredients in Fish Protect bind harmful substances from the pond water and the added colloids strengthen the mucous membrane and thus the immune system of the fish.

Use Fish Protect in new ponds, sales systems and quarantine tanks before placing fish. Also use Fish Protect during a large water change and after treating sick fish.

Medic Box

Colombo has a complete range of products for the care of wounds. The medic box contains all products for treating wounds in a handy kit. Indispensable in the treatment of skin ulcers and hole disease in ornamental fish. Includes complete instructions for use.


  • Anaesthetic
  • Propolis Wound Spray
  • Wound cleanser

Vita Spray

Vita-Spray contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and trace elements for healthy fish. Add Vita-Spray to fish food when fish need to strengthen, for example after winter or after drug treatment.

Vita spray contains a vegetable flavouring that encourages fish to eat, so they get enough vitamins.

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