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Useful products & accessories
for the Koi enthusiast.

Fish Feeders, Bowls, Measuring tanks, nets and more. Koi Pro offers accessories to get the most out of your Koi hobby.

Useful accessories
for a healthier Koi pond.

Strong and lightweight
Koi nets.

Our Koi Pro accessories.

Koi Pro offers a wide product range of accessories. Discover all of our products in the Koi Pro brochure.

Fish Feeder

With the SuperFish Koi Pro Fish Feeder, you can automatically feed your fish. Feeding a smaller quantity of food on a regular basis has a beneficial effect on the health of the fish and pond. Because the fish eat all the food, there will be less pollution of the water and it reduces the load on the filter.

DigiTest 4-in-1

Accurate digital 4-in-1 metre for measuring the conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS), acidity (pH) and temperature (°C/°F) of your pond water in one measurement.

Spawning Brushes

Breeding your own Koi? All you need is a female and at least two male Koi, plus a roomy pond. Put the spawning brush in the pond, just below the water surface, and then let nature take its course. The breeding season of Koi is from April to June.

Floating Fish Cage

Floating fish cage with a fine-meshed net for temporarily isolating the koi in your pond. Easy to assemble and handle. Equipped with zipper-closing top and packed in handy case.

Koi Bowls

Handy bowls in various sizes for temporarily holding, showing, treating, or transporting fish. We also offer handy zip covers to place on the Koi bowls.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Ø 50 cm
  • Ø 67 cm
  • Ø 80 cm

Koi Measuring Tank

Special tanks for easy and accurate measuring of fish and Koi.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 80 cm (Plastic)
  • 115 cm (Polyester)

Koi Nets

Aluminium Koi nets are strong, lightweight, non-rusting and easy to handle. These nets are made especially for Koi, so the risk of damage to the fins by floundering of the fish is minimal. The Koi will lie down on the net, with a handling net you can take them out. The round nets have a 2 part handle and a holdall, convenient for storage and transportation. In case of wear, replacement nets are available.

Koi Handling Nets

There are two versions, the blue Japanese Koi transport net is partially watertight, so you can move the Koi together with the water. The mesh at the end of the net makes it easy to drain the water. With this handling net, you can also quickly fill a Koi bowl with water from the pond. The black handling net is completely water-permeable, you just scoop the Koi out of the pond and the water will flow away, making it easier to lift a big Koi.

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