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Aqua Plants Centre

For a beautiful,
healthy & lush aquarium.

Did you know that most potted aquarium plants are grown above water? These are grown in high humidity conditions. Once placed in your aquarium the plants will easily grow further once placed underwater. Because of this we can supply high quality aquarium plants without water and offer these in a refrigerated display the so-called Aqua Plants centre.

Unique features.

Easy Self Service

No more waiting on staff, you can now easily choose, pick and buy the aquarium plants you want. Just open the chiller and take the plants you want.

Durable & avoids water waste

The Aqua Plants chiller is durable and reduces water waste by 100%. It uses no water tanks, so it reduces plant loss and customers support the environment by buying plants from the AP-chiller.

Always fresh

The plants are packed in a special foil and stored in the AP-chiller. The shelf life is up to 3 weeks! So your plants are always fresh.

Informative plant labels

Each plant comes with its own label that includes basic maintenance information and tips. This makes it easy to get started on the right foot with your new plants.

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