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Japan Koi

We supply a variety of
top-quality Japan Koi.

Onze collectie toont een divers aanbod van Japan Koi in levendige kleuren, patronen en maten – van de sierlijke Kohaku met rood-witte markeringen tot de betoverende Showa met gedurfde zwarte patronen.

Why choose AquaFarm?

Beautiful Quality

Our selection caters to the preferences of Koi enthusiasts seeking top-quality specimens. Our Japan-based team visits Niigata breeders daily in search of the best Koi and opportunities, ensuring we acquire the best stocks to market needs.

Internationally distributed

AquaFarm conducts monthly imports from various countries, including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South America, Africa, Czech Republic, Israel, and many other global locations. Our expertise in transportation enhances the efficiency of both the quantity and quality of our extensive assortment of Koi.

A wide variety

Within our facility in the Netherlands, we house an extensive selection of Japan Koi ranging from 5 to 50 cm in over 100 tanks. Annually, we sell nearly 30,000 Japanese Koi. Additionally, for larger Koi, we source directly from Japan through our sister company, Ornafish.

Specialist knowledge

Our staff understand Koi keeping, many of them have been working in the Koi breeding and fish industry for over 25 years. Together with our professional colleagues at our sister company OrnaFish, we can ensure the most beautiful, healthy and quality Koi for our valued customers.