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Tropical fish

We supply an array of 
captivating tropical fish.

In the Aquafarm nursery, our team of 20 experienced employees looks after a large assortment of ornamental fish on more than 7.000 m2, which we deliver to Aquadistri’s customers after extensive quarantine. In 2,600 aquariums, we keep over 400 species of tropical fish from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South America, Africa, the Czech Republic, Israel and many other countries.

Why choose AquaFarm?

Over 400 species

We take pride in housing over 450 species of tropical fish in a network of 2,600 meticulously maintained aquariums. Our diverse and exquisite range spans from the vibrant guppies and majestic discus to the colorful cichlids, tetras, and an array of other captivating species. This allows us to offer a comprehensive and captivating selection to our valued customers who seek the finest tropical fish.

Imported worldwide

Aquafarm conducts monthly imports of various captivating tropical fish species from a variety of countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South America, Africa, Czech Republic, Israel, and numerous other locations. Our expertise in transportation enhances the efficiency of both the quantity and quality of our extensive assortment.

Up to date stock

Our commitment is to ensure the dependable delivery of the 200 most sought-after fish species. This dedication allows stores to trust us for their essential weekly shipments, providing a reliable source for their fundamental inventory needs.

Specialist knowledge

Our staff understand fishkeeping, many of them have been working in the ornamental fish industry for over 25 years. Our team is supported by Dr. Mario Blom and Dr. Gerald Bassleer, 2 well-known specialists to further enhance our knowledge.