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Optimal living environments

Achieve the perfect
habitat for your reptile.

An ideal environment brings happiness to reptiles. HabiStat offers everything needed for their well-being: housing, heating, hydration, lighting, and adventurous decor.

Why choose HabiStat.

Specific substrates species

The best for your reptile and the environment! Our substrates are carefully designed to perfectly fit your reptile’s needs, while we are also committed to reducing plastic! Because the packaging of our substrates is naturally degradable. Choose a product that is good for your pet as well as the planet.

Thermostat & heating mats

Perfect control over the temperature! At HabiStat, you will find a wide range of thermostats and heating mats to ensure that the temperature in your reptile’s terrarium is perfectly regulated. Our products give them the warmth they need to stay healthy and happy.

Learn more about
HabiStat on their website.

From advanced reptile habitat solutions to innovative heating and lighting systems, HabiStat offers a comprehensive collection of offerings designed to meet the unique needs of reptile enthusiasts. If you’re interested in learning more about HabiStat and exploring their range of products and services, visit their official website.


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