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CO₂ Accessories.

Everything to successfully manage
CO₂ gas in your aquarium.

Meassure & regulate
CO₂ gas with our accessories.

Make your own CO₂ with
Colombo’s CO₂ Reactor.

Our CO₂ accessories.

Colombo offers a wide variety of products for producing, measuring and regulating your CO₂ systems.

CO₂ Reactor Refill

Make your own CO2 with 2 components. No more changing pressure bottles! How does it work? Open the cylinder and add the 2-components and 300 ml of water, close the bottle with the pressure regulator, the chemical reaction creates around 105 grams of CO2 gas in 30 minutes. 1 pack is thus sufficient to make about 315 grams of CO2.

CO₂ Indicator

The CO2 indicator is an indispensable tool when using a CO2 system. The indicator shows the CO2 value, so you know how much CO2 is in the aquarium water and can adjust the CO2 system to the correct amount.

CO₂ Solenoid Valve

As plants only absorb CO2 during the day, the supply can be stopped at night. By installing the solenoid valve, this can be done automatically using a time switch. The solenoid valve pays for itself, as you save a lot on CO2 cylinders!

3 in 1 CO₂ Diffuser

With the 3 in 1 diffuser, you have a check valve, bubble counter and diffuser in one device. Available in Medium and Large models. Made of crystal-clear acrylic, it has the optics of glass but is not as breakable!

Profi Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulator for M10x1 connection. With double chamber, separate fine control, an open and close valve and a mano meter. Due to the double chamber, the amount of CO2 added always remains the same. Suitable for Colombo 800 and 1200 gram cylinder.

Scapers Stainless Steel Diffusor

Professional stainless steel CO2 Diffusor, perfect for Aquascaping. The diffusor should be placed as deep as possible in the aquarium. Check the height of your aquarium and choose the right model. Made of stainless steel easy to clean and unbreakable. Available in 25 and 35 cm, with catchable diffusor available as an accessory from your dealer .

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