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Special food.

Premium food for
your Koi-and pond fish.

Hikari offers daily feed that ensures excellent growth and sublime colours for all your Koi and pond fish. Hikari food is rich in nutritious ingredients for the healthy growth and development of your (Koi) fish.

& sinking food.

Daily nutrition for
optimal development & growth.

Hikari® special food.

Hikari offers different powerful growth food and colour-enhancing special food for your Koi and pond fish.

Hikari Spirulina

Hikari Spirulina really makes Koi’s colours pop. This complementary feed provides naturally rich colouration without affecting the whites. For show-quality Koi. 

Available in:

  • Mini 500 gram

Watertemp. + 18°C

Hikari Hi-Growth™

Hikari Hi-Growth is a powerful supplementary growth food, high-quality proteins and minerals ensure rapid growth to champion size in a short time.

Available in:

  • XL pellet 2 kg

Water­temp.+ 20°C

Silkworm Selects™

Hikari Silkworm Selects contains all the goodness of silkworms without the health risks of dried silkworms. The formula uses premium quality fresh silkworm pupae, its unique production prevents spoilage, oxidation of fats. Provides rapid body weight gain.Silkworms have high natural nutritional value, but spoil at lightning speed due to oxidation of the fats, which is why dried silkworms are dangerous for Koi. Silkworm Selects is the safe alternative!

Available in:

  • Medium 500 gram

Water­temp.+ 20°C

Hikari Plankton

Hikari Plankton for baby Koi is available in three pellet sizes, ensuring that the young hatchling gets the appropriate pellet at each stage of life. Each pellet has a thin coating so that the pellet does not dissolve in the water and the fish can also absorb all the nutrients packed in the pellet.

Available in:

  • Early 400 gram – Fish 4-10 mm
  • Middle 400 gram – Fish 10-20 mm
  • Late 400 gramFish 0-30 mm

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