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Koi- and pond fish.

Premium food for
your Koi-and pond fish.

Hikari biedt uitzonderlijke voeding dat zorgt voor een uitstekende groei en sublieme kleuren voor al uw Koi-en vijvervissen. Hikari voer is rijk aan voedzame ingrediënten voor een gezonde groei en ontwikkeling van uw (Koi) vissen.

Available in
floating & sinking food.

Daily food for optimal
development & growth.

Hikari® Koi-and pond fish food.

Hikari offers colour and growth-enhancing feed for daily use.

Hikari Staple™

Hikari Staple has been the best staple food for Koi and pond fish for more than 50 years. The balanced ingredients ensure excellent growth and immune system support. Hikari Staple has been a proven quality for many years.

Available in:

  • Mini 500 gram, 2-5-10 kg
  • Medium 500 gram, 2-5-10 kg
  • Large 500 gram, 2-5-10 kg

Water­temp.+ 12°C

Hikari Gold®

Hikari Gold has been the best daily colour food for Koi and other pond fish for more than 50 years. The updated composition with more spirulina and the addition of krill, provides even more active colour enhancement of the Hiban (red colour).

Available in:

  • Mini 500 gram, 5 kg
  • Medium 500 gram, 2 – 5 – 10 kg
  • Large 500 gram, 5 – 10 kg

Water­temp.+ 15°C

Hikari Friend™

Hikari Friend is produced in Japan and offers a great quality, price ratio. Hikari Friend has a balanced composition of nutritious ingredients and contains stabilised vitamin C, for healthy fish growth and development. Daily feed for Koi and pond fish, the floating pellets soften quickly and are easily digestible and do not pollute pond water.

Available in:

  • Medium 4-10 kg
  • Large 10 kg

Water­temp.+ 12°C

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