a complete range of accessories
for aquarium and pond


Superfish makes your aquarium hobby successful, complete with aquariums, filters and filter media, heating, lighting, ventilation and useful accessories. It is our goal to make your aquarium hobby successful and affordable.


With Superfish, pond keeping is simple and affordable. We provide complete pond filters, energy efficient pumps, UV algae control, pond aeration, fish foods and convenient pond and Koi accessories!

Aquadistri news

Aquadeco Rijssen is the specialist for your aquarium or pond. Aquadeco has a large range of aq

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Presentation of Tuincentrum Oosterik ! 😍

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Pets&Co Panda Deventer is located at the Boxbergerweg in Deventer. The store has a large aquar

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We introduce you the shop Aqua Garden Center s.a. in Neupré! Aquagarden is a Horizon-aqua ,

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