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Natural substrate with open structure
for optimal plant growth.

Colombo ManoBase is a natural substrate that can be used as a top layer in any aquarium, from beginner to specialist. Unlike solid gravel, ManoBase is open and light, both in terms of particles and structure. The open particles enable rapid and mass colonisation by beneficial bacteria, which are vital for the stability of the water quality.

Our ManoBase Soils.

ManoBase can be used as a top layer in any aquarium, from beginner to specialist.
Available in 5 & 10 litre.

ManoBase Red

Aquarium Size
40 x 25 cm
Soil thickness
5 cm
Available in
5 - 10 Litre

ManoBase Black

Aquarium Size
65 x 30 cm
Soil thickness
5 cm
Available in
5-10 Litre

Unique features.


For strong cell wands.


For compact growth.


For strong and healthy leafs.


For attractive and vibrant colours.

Natural clay

ManoBase red and black are made 100% out of natural clay.

Filter support

ManoBase naturally supports filter performance.

Safe substrate
for bottom dwellers.

The open structure allows optimal rooting of the plants and water penetration, so there is no suffocation of the soil. As Colombo ManoBase is made from natural clay sources, it has the beautiful natural look you want in your aquarium. The particles are rounded and relatively soft, so that bottom dwellers will not damage their soft barbels.

Like clay, ManoBase can store nutrients when they are present in excess in the water, and release these nutrients when the level drops. Thus ManoBase enables optimal plant growth and reduces algae blooms.


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