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Goldfish, fantail & Lionhead.

Premium food for all your
goldfish species.

The goldfish is the best-selling aquarium fish. This popular fish is a first introduction to the aquarium hobby for most children. Hikari has developed sinking food for fantails and lionheads, which is easier for these graceful fish to eat and prevents any problems with the swim bladder.

Sinking food for
lionhead & fantails .

premium food.

Excellent food.

Hikari offers high-quality food that ensures excellent growth and sublime colours for all your goldfish, fantails and lionhead.

Hikari Goldfish Staple™ Baby.

Hikari Goldfish Staple Baby is a unique small pellet and contains a large amount of plant-based nutrients that goldfish love. As the pellet floats, you can easily see how much the fish eat and excess food is easy to remove.

Available in: 30 – 100 – 300 gram

Hikari Goldfish Gold® Baby

Hikari Goldfish Gold Baby for brilliant goldfish. This easily digestible food is rich in astaxanthin, allowing the fish to develop a beautiful colour. The anti-inflammatory properties of this carotenoid ensures a healthy immune system.

Available in: 100 – 300 gram

Hikari Sinking Goldfish Excel™ Baby.

With floating food, the veiltail also gasps air, which can cause problems with the swim bladder. Sinking Hikari Goldfish Excel prevents this, ensures rapid growth and a desirable physique. This highly digestible food is rich in pure cultured spirulina and carefully selected carotenoids, it ensures beautiful colours. The flavourful pellet is easily accepted and the added vitamins and minerals ensure healthy fish.

Available in: 110 gram, 1 kg

Hikari Lionhead

Hikari Lionhead is specially formulated to promote lionhead growth and development. Lionheads are sensitive to fungi and bacteria that can develop on the head. Hikari Lionhead contains natural ingredients that ensure beautiful colours and help prevent the problems on the head.

Available in: 100 – 350 gram

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