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Crest Gel™.

Ready-made paste
for fruit & insect-eating geckos.

Hikari Reptile Crest Gel is a scientifically formulated, uniquely balanced, ready-to-use paste diet with special “Oxy-Stop” packaging. It contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements for fruit and insect-eating geckos. Hikari Crest Gel is the ideal food for rhacodactyl geckos such as the eyelash gecko, rhacodactyl, giant gecko etc, which are native to the island of New Caledonia. It can also be used for other fruit- and insect-eating reptiles such as the day gecko.

Special food for
insectivorous reptiles.

Scientifically formulated &
uniquely balanced.

Hikari Crest Gel™.

Ideal food for insectivorous reptiles.

Crest Gel™

Hikari Reptile Crest Gel bevat alle benodigde voedingsstoffen, vitamines, aminozuren en sporenelementen voor fruit en insectenetende gekko’s. Hikari Crest Gel is het ideale voer voor rhacodactylusgekko’s zoals de wimpergekko, rhacodactylus, reuzengekko etc. Het kan ook gebruikt worden voor andere fruit-en insectenetende reptielen zoals de daggekko.
Verkrijgbaar in: 50 gram

Hikari Leopa Gel™.

Extremely suitable for insect-eating reptiles, but is also good for omnivorous reptiles such as Crested Gecko and Bearded Dragon that eat vegetables, fruit, mice and other varied foods.

1. Squeeze

Kneading food in packaging, open the spout and squeeze the desired amount of food from the packaging.

2. Remove

Feed on a clean, sterilised feeding spoon or in a feeding dish.

3. Feed

Feed directly to the mouth. Move the food in front of the reptiles to entice them to eat.

Rich in flavour and supplements

Rich mango & mealworm flavour. Fruit-eating geckos love it!

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