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Dragon Delite™.

Scientifically formulated
pellet food for a long & healthy life.

Bearded dragons use their tongues to catch and eat their food. The texture of Hikari Dragon Delite makes it stick easily to their tongue, this makes, with some training feeding in a bowl possible and makes feeding with a feeding tank easier. Dragon Delite absorbs 1.4 times its own weight in moisture, so your lizards will get most of their daily required moisture during feeding. 

Food for plant &
insectivorous reptiles.

Scientifically formulated &
uniquely balanced.

Hikari Dragon Delite™.

Ideal food for plant- and insect-eating reptiles.

Hikari Dragon Delite™

Dragon delite is an ideal blend of ingredients, with precise levels of vitamins, supplements and minerals (especially calcium). Suitable for omnivorous lizards that prefer both insects and vegetable ingredients. Rich in vegetable ingredients to meet the nutritional requirements of adult Bearded Dragons. Developed to soften when soaked in water, the pellet mimics the texture of live food.

Available in: 200 gram

Hikari Dragon Delite™.

The uniquely balanced food mix helps support a healthy immune system, ensures predictable growth and eliminates the need for supplements.

1. Open

Open the container and dispense the desired amount of food into a bowl.

2. Soak

Soak for 3-5 minutes in fresh tap water until the desired texture suitable for your reptile is achieved.

3. Feed

Feed your reptile easily using clean, sterilised tweezers or place in a feeding dish.

Rich in flavour and supplements

Rich mango & mealworm flavour. Fruit-eating geckos love it!

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