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Leopa Delite™.

An ideal mix
of ingredients.

In a user-friendly
and economical pellet.

Contains the Hikari-Germ probiotics.

Hikari Leopa Delite™.

Ideal pellet food for insectivorous reptiles.

Leopa Delite

The Hikari Leopa Delite is an ideal blend of ingredients in an easy-to-use and economical pellet. It contains the Hikari-Germ probiotics to support the immune system and digestion. After moistening, the pellets take on a spongy texture that is attractive to lizards and resembles that texture of live insects. Due to its high palatability, the pallet is relatively easily accepted even by animals that would normally not readily grab a pallet.

Available in: 65 gram

Hikari Leopa Delite™.

Scientifically developed formula for insect-eating lizards such as Leopard Geckos, and smaller Teju and Monitor lizards.

1. Open

Open the container and dispense the desired amount of food into a bowl.

2. Soak

Soak for 3-5 minutes in fresh tap water until the desired texture to suit your reptile is achieved.

3. Feed

Feed your reptile easily using clean, sterilised tweezers or place in a feeding dish.

Very appetising and rich in nutrients

1 pellet contains about as many calories as one cricket measuring 2cm.

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