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Pac Attack.

A unique balanced diet
for South American horned frogs.

South American Horned Frogs have a remarkably large and broad head, and for good reason. They are voracious eaters, in the wild almost anything that moves is on the menu. Hikari Pac Attack is a spongy carnivore food with the right structure, enriched with Calcium and all necessary ingredients.

Suitable for Horn frog,
Pixi frog and Tomado frog.

Enriched with Calcium
and all necessary ingredients.

Hikari Pac Attack.

Scientifically developed complete food for ” Pacman” frogs.

Hikari Pac Attack™

The Hikari Pac attack is a unique balanced diet for South American horned frogs, also known as Pacman frogs. Its composition eliminates the need for multiple foods and prevents unpleasant odours. A spongy stick designed to soften quickly when soaked in water, giving it the consistency of live food that most “Pacman” frogs love. The added calcium and uniquely balanced mix of nutrients provides immune system support, while additional feeding is not required.

Available in: 40 gram

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