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Caves & Shelter.

Cave-like decorations ideal
for shelter or sunbathing.

Transform your terrarium with our Repto Caves & Shelter collection. Whether it’s the ultimate security of the Deco Shelter, the natural comfort of the Deco Cocoon, or the multi-functional Basking and Hiding decorations, each piece offers durability and versatile design to enhance your terrarium.

Provide a natural shelter
for reptiles and amphibians.

Made of durable materials
which are easy to clean.

Our Repto Caves & Shelter decorations.

Repto Basking Grey

Multi functional decoration, a nice place to sunbathe and a shelter to find security in one. This decoration tapers upwards in steps, that way your animal can determine its own distance from the lamp to find the right temperature. The corner design makes this decoration easy to place in any terrarium.

Repto Hiding Grey

This decoration in the shape of a rock offers a nice place to sunbathe but is also a hiding cave to provide security. This “rock” offers an animal plenty of space to retreat or sunbathe on. Its elegant design allows it to be used both in the middle of the spotlight and in other places in the terrarium.

Repto Deco Shelter Brown

This shelter provides the ultimate security for your animals. With only 1 compact entrance, they will find in this shelter the ideal place to retreat or lay eggs, for example. This shelter consists of 2 parts and offers easy access for inspection or maintenance. For example, place Sphagnum moss in the shelter to create a moist spot that can help with molting, for example. Made from durable ceramic.

Repto Deco Cocoon Brown

This “Cocoon” is similar to a natural shelter such as a slot between rocks where animals like to retreat. With its unique shape that is closed both below and above, this decoration offers ultimate comfort and security. The underside is shell-shaped and therefore allows substrate to be placed for laying eggs or creating a more humid environment. Made from durable ceramic

Human Skull XL

This replica human skull is an ideal shelter for many terrarium animals thanks to its shape. Providing sufficient hiding places gives animals a sense of security this reduces stress. Animals often become more active and show themselves more often when their favourite hiding place is nearby. This skull is the ideal decoration piece for creating a “dark” atmosphere. This decoration is durable and very easy to clean.

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