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Rainmaker 800

Effortless control over rain
with integrated reservoir.

The Repto Rainmaker 800 can be either plug-in or battery operated and has an 800ml water reservoir. A rain device has several functions in a terrarium. Spraying the terrarium automatically not only increases humidity but also ensures good plant growth. In addition, many -especially tree-dwelling animals like the drops better than drinking from a water tank.

Our Repto Rainmaker 800.

Repto Rainmaker 800

Spray nozzles
2 (Expandable to 4)
Water tank
800 ml
Standing or hanging
Adapter or batteries (3x AA not included)

Included features.

Plug-in or battery operated

Can be used with adapter or batteries (3x AA not included)

Easy to refill

Easy to refill without opening the water reservoir

Flexible controls

Easy to set with 3 buttons: spray power, spray time and cycle.


Hanger, suction cups, two 360 degree adjustable spray nozzles and tube included

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