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Underwater River.

Create the illusion
of a flowing river.

A river in your aquarium, now that’s cool! This Underwater River Deco gives the effect of a flowing river and comes with a decorative bridge!

Air bubbles
for a flowing effect.

Increases the
oxygen levels.

Our Underwater River.

Underwater River

The air bubbles imitate flowing water under the supplied bridge. The air bubbles will oxygenate the aquarium water. You connect the Deco Underwater River to an air pump, such as SuperFish Air-Flow 1 way (not included), to create air bubbles. The bubbles create the illusion of a flowing river.

Supplied with:

  • Acrylic transparent panel
  • Decorative ceramic bridge
  • Flexi nozzle with 1.5 m air hose
  • Check valve
  • Two suction cups.

Dimensions: 16,4 x 8,4 x 29 cm

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