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For your pond’s
plants & oxygen plants.

SuperFish offers baskets for pond and oxygen plants, we offer various baskets with various features to prevent soil from running out of the baskets or roots from proliferating.

Available in a range of
different shapes and sizes.

Prevents proliferation
of roots.

Our pond baskets.

Floating Pond Basket

Decorative floating basket for plants in the pond. Fill the basket with substrate and plants and place them in the pond. It offers shelter or shade for your fish. Also great for koi ponds.

Floating Plant Protector

Handy floating net with sturdy bottom plate for placing lilies, pond plants or oxygen plants in Koi and fish ponds. For brilliant plant growth in the pond without problems with your Koi and pond fish. Size 70x70x70cm.

Flexi Plant Basket

These flexible baskets are made from a permeable, dense and durable material. The flexibility of the material ensures the basket remains stable wherever it is placed. The baskets prevent the roots of aquatic plants from becoming too large and invasive.

Pond Baskets

These baskets are fine meshed so they can be filled with pond soil without soil leakage.

Pond Basket Cloth

Holds pond soil in the pond baskets and prevents loosening by fish

Marginal Plant Bag

Sturdy flexible plant bag for an overgrown pond edge. The bankside plant bag has 2 spacious pockets for the pond edge. Made of jute with plastic inside and comes with 4 fixing pins.

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