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Pond construction.

Start your pond
with SuperFish.

With our construction products, you ensure a sturdy, safe and neatly finished pond.

Protect pond liner
against sharp objects.

Ensure a firm & safe
pond construction.

Our construction products.

PVC Pond Liner

0.5 mm durable PVC foil. The foil is flexible and strong, it is also UV and frost-resistant. Easy to apply and customise.

Security Underlay

Protective underlay for pond liner. Place the underlay between the soil and the pond liner. It protects the pond liner against sharp objects like stones and roots. The security underlay also stabilizes the soil.

Fix & Seal

High-quality, universal adhesive sealant based on MS polymer technology. Suitable for bonding and sealing virtually all materials and substrates (both porous and non-porous): including glass, natural stone, concrete, wood, metals, tiles, etc. Especially for ponds and gardens.

SF POND Scaping Foam

Black PUR foam. Suitable for making waterfalls and streams as well as backgrounds in aquariums and terrariums. Dries dark to give a natural look appearance. High adhesion to almost all materials and substrates (both porous and non-porous): e.g. polyester, natural stone, concrete, wood, metals, many plastics, etc.

The 6 steps for constructing your pond.

Step 1

Determine the location, shape and size of the pond.

Step 2

Dig out the pond and make sure the top edge is level.

Step 3

Remove sharp objects (stones, etc.) and apply the security underlay.

Step 4

Lay the pond liner with an overlap of 30 to 50 cm all around.

Step 5

Slowly fill the pond with water, make sure the pond liner remains in place.

Step 6

Finish the pond edge so that the pond liner is no longer visible.

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