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Solar Fish Feeder

Feed your fish several times a day
with our automatic feeder.

Feeding a smaller quantity of food on a regular basis has a beneficial effect on the health of the fish and pond. Feeding several times a day ensures maximum growth of your fish and beautiful colour patterns. Because the fish eat all the food, there will be less pollution of the water and it reduces the load on the filter.

Solar Fish Feeder & accessories.

Solar Fish Feeder

Suitable pellets
2-9 mm
1-3 m / 120°
Lithium 2200 mA
Feeding times
1-6x per day

12-V Adapter

Charge time
Max. 3hrs
Indoors only
Directly after charge

Included features.

Solar powered

Equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery (2200 mA). Fully charged, the Fish Feeder can be operated for up to 3 months without sunlight.

Adjustable spreading facility

The spreading distance of the food in the pond can be adjusted. Coverage of 1, 2 or 3 metres with a 120° spread.

Easy setting

Easy digital programming. 1 to 6 automatic feedings per day. The number of pellets can be set per dosing (serving time 0-20 seconds).

Stable base

For a stable installation at the pond edge. Can be screwed to a surface or fixed to the ground with supplied ground pins.

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