high-end designed
to make marine fishkeeping easier

blue marine

Technology and accessories for marine aquariums, high-end designs to make marine fishkeeping easier.

Our Blue Marine team designs smart & affordable products like pumps, skimmers, LED lights, chillers, accessories and also complete Marine Aquarium Kits for an efficient and affordable Marine Aquarium.

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The Blue Marine range keeps on developing and we will add many new products in the coming year!

Blue Marine news

✨Let’s talk about the Fish Isolation Box✨

Easily isolate aquarium animals for bree

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✨Let’s talk about WiFi MaxLED✨

The ultra slim design of the WiFi MaxLED 85 is eleg

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✨Let’s talk about Auto Top Off Systems✨

With the Blue Marine Auto Top Off System,

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✨Let’s talk about Dosing Pumps✨

Blue Marine Dosing pump is a 4 channel dosing pump

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✨Let’s talk about Multi Reactors✨

The Multi Reactor increases the filtering capaci

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✨Let’s talk about the Reef 60✨

The Blue Marine Reef 60 is equipped with: circulati

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✨Let’s talk about Sump Skimmers✨

A protein skimmer is a type of mechanical filter,

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✨Let’s talk about ReefPower Pumps✨

All ReefPower models are suitable for submersed

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✨Let’s talk about Lancia LED✨

Due to the slim dimensions and because this lighting

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