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Betta, Micro & Livebearer food.

Excellent food for
your smaller inhabitants.

The smallest aquarium inhabitants such as Tetras, Rasboras, Danios, antennae perches, but also moonfish (because of their small mouths), deserve special food. For Bettas, we offer complete food that Bettas love and which will keep them healthy. Guppies are probably the best-known and most purchased tropical fish. We also offer special food for these colourful fish.

Specially developed &
excellent digestibility.

The absolute best food
for small fish.

Hikari® tropical food.

Hikari offers high-quality food that ensures excellent growth and sublime colours for all your tropical fish.

Betta-Bio Gold®

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold is balanced protein-rich food rich in Vitamins, Astaxanthin and Spirulina for health, brilliant colouration. A Betta has a small stomach several millimetres in diameter, which is why Hikari has developed the Betta Bio-Gold, small pellets for a healthy Betta. Hikari Betta is carefully and economically packaged in small packages because your Betta is only a small eater.

Available in: 5 – 20 gram, 1 kg

Hikari Fancy Guppy®

Hikari Fancy Guppy is a daily food for viviparous fish such as, Guppies, Platys, swordtails and Black Mollys. This food contains krill which provides vibrant colours and chitosan, a natural ingredient that supports the immune system. Daily food for all viviparous fish, the small pellets are Micro-Coated and soften quickly without dissolving Rich in linoleic acid and iodine for healthy growth and promotion of natural reproduction. For healthy fish and good condition, stimulates the immune system

Available in: 22-500 gram, 1 kg

Micro Pellets®

Hikari Micro Pellets are unique very small coated pellets, specially designed for tropical fish with a small mouth. The coating ensures the nutrients stay in the pellet and does not cloud the water. Its distinctive colour and soft texture make it ideally suited for smaller tropical fish. Pellet texture ensures fast food acceptance and krill and spirulina promote vibrant colours

Available in: 22 – 45 – 80 – 500 gram, 1 kg

Micro Wafers®

Hikari Micro Wafers are highly nutritious and highly digestible, this ensures optimal growth. The mix of spirulina and astaxanthin enhance natural colours, which is not possible with normal fish food. The perfect alternative to flake food, as you can see exactly how much is eaten, you can prevent water pollution.

Available in: 20 – 45 gram, 1 kg

Hikari First Bites®

Hikari First Bites is food for newborn and young fish. First Bites are packed with proteins, amino acids and balanced nutrients newborn fish need during the first phase of life. The very small, semi-floating, pellet is easy for newborn fish to find and promotes proper feeding habits and way of eating. Enriched with vitamins and minerals for proper organ development and a healthy immune system

Available in: 10 gram

Hikari Medaka-No-Mai-Next

Hikari “MEDAKA-NO-MAI NEXT” is a premium food developed for the Japanese rice fish (Oryzias latipes) called Medaka in Japanese. Carefully selected ingredients provide a flavourful, soft texture that the Medaka eagerly accept. MEDAKA-NO-MAI NEXT for rapid growth, good health and improved reproduction. Floating food is recommended for Medaka, they normally swim near the surface and accept a floating pellet better.

Available in:

  • 40 gram

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