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Startup & Filter.

Startup, improve & maintain
your filter performance.

Using startup products, beneficial bacteria can help start and maintain your filter. Additionally, these bacteria can decompose organic waste and prevent algae.

Make tap water
suitable for fish.

Filter bacteria for
decomposing organic waste.

Our filter optimization products.

With these Colombo products you will start and maintain your filter!
Our products will make sure your aquarium will stay healthy and stable.

Aqua Start

Colombo Aqua Start detoxifies the water, it removes chlorine and protects your fish. The necessary water changes will change the composition of the aquarium water which can cause health problems to the fish. The use of Aqua Start helps to prevent these problems by making tap water suited for aquariums.

Bacto Start

High Ammonia or Nitrite levels are a direct danger to your fish. If ammonia or nitrite levels are too high, make a water change and add Colombo Bacto Start. The beneficial bacteria in Bacto Start help to breakdown. Colombo Bacto Start contains living bacteria and will start and improve the performance of your aquarium filter.

Aqua Care

In the week in between the water change, add Colombo Aqua Care, this will keep our aquarium clean and clear in a natural way. The decomposition of nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates is stimulated in a biological way. Meanwhile the water quality is stabilized and improved. Aqua Care will only give best results when used every fortnight in between the water changes. Test the water every month and correct if needed.

Bacto Care

Good water quality is essential for a healthy aquarium. With Colombo products the maintenance of your aquarium is made easy and simple. Make a 20% water change every fortnight and add Colombo Bacto Care according to the instructions on the packaging. Bacto Care contains living filter and water purifying bacteria. These bacteria are essential for the biological equilibrium in the aquarium and help to keep the water clean and healthy!

Aqua Salt

Aqua Salt is a completely natural purified sea salt. It ensures a healthy environment and therefore healthy fish and thereby prevents fish diseases. The ideal salt content is 0.1%. It is best dissolved in warm water. It’s also great for viviparous fish and goldfish, but be careful with fish from South America.

Black Water

Colombo Black Water contains peat extracts, creating natural tropical water (so-called black water) like your fish are used to in their natural habitat. The bioactive substances and natural tannins and humic acids promote vitality, natural colouring and disease resistance of the fish. As a result, your fish will feel at home and display their natural behaviour.