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Clear water & algae.

Clear pond water,
prevent & control algae.

In healthy pond water the development of algae and blanket weed can cause problems. Colombo offers products that will solve algae problems quickly and maintenance products to prevent new algae and blanket weed growth.

Prevent and control
floating algae.

Prevent & combat
blanket weed.

Our algae treatment products.

For algae problems Colombo offers products that will solve algae problems quickly.
We also offer maintenance products to prevent new algae growth.


In ponds floating algae often causes problems with green water. When Algadrex is added to the water it will become clear in less then an hour. The algae will clog together and will float on the surface, sink to the bottom or will be trapped in the filter.

Sufficient for:

  • 500 ML = 5.000 ltr
  • 1.000 ML = 10.000 ltr
  • 2.500 ML = 25.000 ltr


Remove blanket weed quick and effective. Blanket weed can develop fast due to sunlight and overwhelm plants. Due to the enzymatic effect of Algisin the blanket weed will be refrained from essential nutrients. The remains of the algae can be removed.

Sufficient for:

  • 1.000 ML = 10.000 ltr
  • 2.500 ML = 25.000 ltr
  • 5.000 ML = 50.000 ltr


The natural solution for healthy and clear pond water! Bactoclear contains special natural clays and minerals, and a high dose of cleaning bacteria. The clay minerals act as a floating filter material and directly absorb organic pollutants and toxins in the pond. The added natural minerals are essential for fish and plants. The cleaning bacteria clean the pond.

Sufficient for:

  • 1.000 ML= 6 x 20.000 ltr
  • 2.500 ML= 6 x 50.000 ltr
  • 5.000 ML= 6 x 100.000 ltr


With BiOx your pond will remain clean and free of algae. Oxygen is an important factor in the environment of your pond. The bacteria in the pond filter use oxygen to break down waste, and an improved oxygen saturation therefore improves the performance of your biological filter. The higher oxygen levels make it easier for your fish to get the oxygen they need from the water.

Sufficient for:

  • 1.000 ML = 32.000 ltr
  • 2.500 ML = 80.000 ltr
  • 5.000 ML = 160.000 ltr

Mineral Phosphate X

Prevent algae with this liquid phosphate remover! Through research we were able to develop a liquid phosphate remover. Just add Phosphate X to the water and phosphates will be removed.

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